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Petition to end corruption in Washington

This is a petition to initiate a 1,2,3, plan to end corruption in Washington DC.

1. All lobbyists are banned from any government facility or any political process period.

2. Any elected official who has been in any office for more than a total of 8 years can no longer be elected to that office or any other. No pensions will be paid to any elected official.

3. All bills introduced must be one issue, one bill. A law, or appropriation either stands or falls on its own. No more "pork barrel" politics.

That's it. It is just that simple and I believe this would eliminate 99% of corruption in Washington.  There are a thousand other things that need to be fixed but nothing will be accomplished unless we introduce these polocies first.  I don't want anarchy and love our country and system of government, but it has been hi-jacked by special interests and pork barrel spending.

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